Tawanna AKA boss lady

I am the director and founder of Chronically Dope Modelling Agency ( CDMA )

The reason why I started this modelling agency was because I wanted to find my voice and guide others in finding their own.
I previously wanted to purse modelling but with me having lupus and now being on dialysis I could no longer see that happening.
When I was searching for representation, I noticed that none of the agencies I researched had models with chronic illness, at most they had photoshoots with celebrities who sadly suffered from cancer.
There are countless individuals with debilitating illness that at one point or another were models up until their illness took over their lives, their appearance and took their self-esteem too. But does that mean that they are no longer beautiful? I don’t believe so!!!

After realising there was no agency who would represent someone with flaws, I had an option to either rant and complain, or take a chance and change things myself.

Well I guess by now you know which option I chose!

And this is when I proudly announced to the world that CHRONICALLY DOPE MODLEING AGENCY was created.
Running and operating this business has not been easy, but boy it is worth every frustration, headache, late nights, early mornings and the broke days that sometimes turn into weeks or months lol

I have a passion for helping those with chronic illness and as I continue to fight my battle with lupus I will hold my head high and also fight for all those with chronic illness that are all beautiful in their own individual way.


Find me on Instagram @chronicallydopemodelingagency_

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