50 Mums – 50 Kids – 1 Extra Chromosome


An emotional video of 50 mothers singing with their children with Down syndrome to fight against prejudice.
It brought celebrity TV host James Corden to tears, made singer Christina Perri tweet that her ‘heart is full’ and has touched many hearts since. The viral video that has people damp-eyed around the world is a ‘carpool karaoke’ style lip sync video created for
World Down Syndrome Day (March 21).

Titled –  ’50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome’,
The video was created by parents from the Facebook group named ‘Designer Genes’, who all have a child with Down Syndrome.
It was inspired by another Youtube video made by a mum-and-daughter pair from a UK Youtube Channel called Singing Hands, which teaches Makaton sign language used by many children with Down Syndrome and their parents.

Christina Perri’s song 1000 Years, made famous by the Twilight movies, is a favourite song for 18-year-old Ella, who features in the original video.

The video is being promoted with the hashtag #wouldntchangeathing and we haven’t hesitated to share this around to fight against prejudice .
A guaranteed positive tear-jerker that visualized every conceivable message about disability, diversity and inculsion wihtout having to say a word.

Information about


Nothing Down is non-profit that educates and advocates for expectant mothers and new parents who are receiving their child’s Down syndrome diagnosis.
We work to dispel the myths and stereotypes that are associated with Down syndrome through ongoing projects and documentary series. We want to show the world that there is NOTHING DOWN about Down syndrome!! You can learn more about the organization and see how you can get involved in our next project at www.nothingdown.org.
You can also follow nothing down on facebook at

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