Sophie needs your help

How you can help this aspiring to be mother receive the surgery she needs to regain her life . 


Sophie is a 22-year-old who suffers fast growing endometriosis. 

Sophie has a cocktail of other chronic illnesses including Fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disease, Chronic Fatigue and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. As you can imagine she sadly struggles with chronic pain on a daily basis. Sophie bravely battles these conditions without complaining. Although, the endometriosis is causing Sophie constant crippling pain and it is often so bad that she can’t  sit up without crying.

Sophie spends her time advocating for chronic illness and has uplifted and helped many people suffering in pain. She has a beautiful soul and to see someones life being destroyed by this cruel disease is absolutely heartbreaking to watch. Sophie has had many surgeries to remove the endometriosis but this time is different. She currently has the most server stage of endometriosis, being stage 4.

These abnormal growths have found their way  to her bladder, bowel, ovaries and the surgeon now suspects that her condition has spread to her lungs and sciatic nerve. Endometriosis can cause severe bleeding, pain and most unfortunately, infertility. 

There is an operation that can heal her long enough to become a mother. 

The specialist will be removing any abnormal growths to enable Sophie to live her life in less pain. This will also help any infertility issues that she is so sadly facing .
This surgery can give Sophie a chance to live her life and a chance to become a mother but unfortunately, this is an operation that Sophie alone can not possibly afford. 

Knowing that her time is running out, Sophie is battling anxiety and depression. She is hoping to start a family some day soon but will not be able to do so without this surgery. Sophie is struggling emotionally with the thought of not being able to have this life changing surgery. She is living in a great deal of pain and the only option for her to live a normal life is this surgery or a hysterectomy. With desperately wanting to be a mother, a hysterectomy is out of the question for the time being. Sophie plans to have this surgery, become a mother and then will have a hysterectomy. These are plans no young 22-year-old should have to consider or think about!

Her only chance is reaching out and asking for a helping hand.

 She needs your help to have this operation that she so desperately needs in order to regain her life. If she does not have this surgery her health will only get worse, her pain will grow stronger as the days pass by, and her chances of being a mother will grow less likely. 

Please help us to raise money for Sophie to have this surgery that will start her on the path of a new and pain-free life.

 No matter how small the donation may be, it would be appreciated far more than you could imagine. The smallest amount is one step closer to saving a life. 

No woman deserves to have her chance of being a mother taken from her.
This brave women deserves her chance to be a mother, but most importantly, she and the 1 in 5 who suffer with this debilitating illness deserve to live a pain-free life . 

If you could find it in your heart to help Sophie regain her life please head on over to :



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