Why a family of eight is in need of your help

Krechelle is an Australian blogger at EightAtHome who shares the highs and lows of parenthood and everything in between! Her goal is to raise women up when they are feeling down and to show others that sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay all whilst encouraging her fans to have a giggle at the shit storms that parenting can throw at us.

Together, Krechelle and her husband David are raising six incredible children who are under the age of eight.
And YES! you heard that right!
This super parent duo continue to share their lives with the world and have made an impact in many lives through sharing their own journey.  Whilst Krechelle is a stay at home mother, David has worked 6-7 days a week . 


Things had been going well until recently.
Unfortunately Krechelle and David have received life changing news that will soon not only change their lives, but it will change the whole families lives as well . 

Krechelle has fallen severely ill.  

She has spent weeks upon weeks in bed battling chronic pain.
Her symptoms of dealing with debilitating pain has resulted in David (the sole income earner) taking months off work.
After over 100 doctors appointments, four sinus surgeries, 5 colonoscopies due to polyp removal and over 16 hospital admissions they have found out that Krechelle will need to have her bowel removed due to pre-cancerous colon cancer cells. 


” Hey team,

Jeez this is a hard one to write. You see I’m a positive person.  And I’m a practical person. So when I heard on Thursday they would be removing my entire bowel in the near future so I don’t get cancer. 

I thought; “Dam straight we are; fuck you cancer we’re gonna take the bowel before you take it”  And then I’m gonna live my life with my six children with no bowel and no super high risk of cancer in that bowel.  I found out I have aggressive polyp disease of my face and bowel (two different types of polyp diseases)  That will affect me for the rest of my life.
Sinus surgery is first this Wednesday and it’s close to the brain and the eye. But I’ve totally got this.  And then after I recover from that surgery I’ll be seeing a bowel surgeon in relation too where we go from here and when we take out my bowel. 

And I’m okay with it. 

And I’m ready for it. 

And I’m going to survive it. 

But I’ve had moments. 

Where I have doubted my strength and my  positivity.  Where I’ve felt like being so positive is naïve. I’ve cried through writing down wishes for my children as they grow and funeral plans;  not because I’m going to die but because I want to be prepared.
Because that is my nature. That is just who I am. 

I want Dave to know that he has a wife that will nag him even when I’m sedated.
(Sorry Dave but not sorry)
I’ve had ups and downs. And that’s going to keep going; hey it’s only Friday.  And believe it or not the feeling that I’ve felt most is; guilt. 

Guilty that I need to take some time away from being a mum to have a sinus surgery and then a bowel surgery and  I can’t be the kind of mum the kids need me to be. I feel guilty that my friends and family are worried and their scared and sad.
They don’t need to be. But it’s okay that they are.  Guilty that I can’t be there for my friends, family and husband; the way I want to. Guilty that we don’t have back up plans for our back up plans and we’re a bit scrambled. I gave myself permission to have a couple of days to process that my life has changed forever.  I give my permission to feel whatever I need too. 

I’m just grateful for everyday I get with my beautiful children and my family and my friends. That I’ve been offered a solution and when I smash all these surgeries all I come out the other side kicking ass and taking names.
I hope your all here, Cheering me on. Cause I totally need you guys.  And Then I’m going to live everyday thanking whatever higher power he gave me a chance to live.
I hope you don’t mind Id like to share my journey with all of you……

Some how; it helps me more than anything 

Thanks for being here


Xx ”

Krechelle will be having her bowel removed to avoid colon cancer and a stoma bag will be put in permanently.

 A stoma is an artificial opening that allows faeces or urine either from the intestine or from the urinary tract to pass through and into a bag that is created of an end to the intestine, which is then brought to the surface of your abdomen to form the opening

Krechelle will also be having urgent sinus surgery to relieve pressure from her optic nerve.

If finding out about these life changing surgery was not hard enough to deal with, this will be leaving  David unable to work as he will soon be the main carer of his unwell wife and their six young children. 

“The next 12 months is going to be tough with surgeries, recoveries and medical expenses”

This deserving family are trying to raise enough money to take the financial difficulties away whilst they face the next year without an income.

With debts rising, any donation means the world to this family.
Even that one dollar donated can contribute to this family of eight keeping their family home as well as helping them to keep their heads above water.

No donation is too small.
Bent But Not Breaking are asking for your help in making a major difference to this family as they entre a new chapter in their lives and battle it head on.

If you would like to donate please head on over to:




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