Social media post- if it makes you happy, I’m happy.

This article was a social media post originally written by Aimee Kat.
Aimee is a beautifully talented recording artist/song writer and in our opinion, she is a positive upcoming social media influencer.
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To the people who post their life on social media.

To the pregnant women on social media – posting constant updates & belly pictures… I love seeing how excited you are to become a mummy.

To the person who posts their new whereabouts every time they travel – thanks for showing how blessed you are. This will set as a reminder for us to work & strive to achieve our goals too.

To the women posting selfies – thanks for letting young girls know that it’s okay to love yourself & to feel beautiful!

To the mums & dads posting millions pictures of her kids – it makes my heart so happy to see parents so proud of and loving their babies!

To the married couple constantly sharing loving posts – thank you for being a reminder to the next generation that all hope isn’t lost. Happy, healthy marriages most definitely DO still exist.

To the business owners who are constantly posting about their hard work – keep going! Your strong will and determination is amazing. Even if you get negative remarks, or progress seems slow – you keep on grinding for yourself and your family.

To the people posting about their fitness journeys – whether it’s for health reasons or wanting to look/feel better. I love seeing your healthy meals & gym check ins… I especially love seeing your before and after pictures!

Let’s stop being annoyed & negative about everything we see on social media and let’s start supporting and lifting each other up!

✔️ Empower each other


✔️ Make this world a better place



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